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Build a thriving community around your members.

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With Group Hub, you get a professional social network that's flexible to your requirements. Many of our customers come to us when they outgrow Facebook Groups or other "free" social networks.

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Group Hub is made for busy non-technical people

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The Group Hub Directory feature has been specifically designed for networking. It is easy to search for a member and you can even search for specific skills.

Group Hub Directory

Members can easily post threaded messages which are visible to the whole group. Unlike other platforms, messages are categorised and can be filtered so that members only see those messages of interest to them.

Group Hub Discussions

This is perfect for when you need to share information and resources with your co-working space. This includes links to third party websites and custom written content.

Group Hub Information

There's loads of other features including: events, messaging, announcements.

Group Hub Other

Get a unique URL for your space

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